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Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy that includes implementing policies, Processes and enabling technologies. An effective CRM strategy will personalize the customer's Experiences across all enterprise touch points. By coordinating the customer's interactions, a company Is able to optimize customer satisfaction, which translates into increased profitability and revenue. Colonel Software is experienced in helping companies define and implement the right CRM solution for Their business. Our consultants have hands-on experience in all aspects of CRM implementation from Strategy and requirements definition to package evaluation, selection, and implementation.

Get Closer to Your Customers :

Access and modify customer history, account and contact data easily from each customer touch point to Facilitate consistent and accurate interaction with Your customers. Use the marketing tools to leverage your information into targeted campaigns that include personalized content.

Infrastructure that enables delineation of and increase in customer value and the correct means by which To increase customer value and motivate valuable customers to remain loyal − indeed, to buy again. A Collection of integrated applications, which facilitate the seamless coordination between the back office Systems, the front office systems, and the web. The S2B expansion of CRM Analytics refers to customer-Centric analytics applications.

How can CRM software solutions help you?

A CRM solution will aid your business by combining technology and human resources to provide better Customer service, discover new customers and increase customer revenues by building up a stronger, More personal, relationship with them. This can be achieved by the use of systems to offer customer Service at each customer end, an example of this would be a database containing detailed customer Information that management and salespeople can refer to in order to match customer needs with Products, inform customers of service requirements and allow the customers to view specific Information about their order.

Advantage of S2B(CRM) Software :
  • Improve communication channels and develop new ones.
  • Centralize customer information such as contact details, client preferences, and order Histories
  • Provide company-wide access to customer histories
  • Identify new selling opportunities