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OffShore & OutSource Software Development

Colonel Software an offshore outsourcing custom software development company India offers software outsourcing to India as a value driven, cost efficient and real time accessible IT solution. The company provides custom software application development, mobile applications development, e-commerce solutions and web based solutions to companies around the world. We have a pool of young, energetic and skilled professionals giving quality output of very high standards. Team Colonel Software is well conversant with the latest tools and technologies to develop solutions for clients which will enable them to gain edge over their competitors.

Quote from NASSCOM :

Inspired by the Indian IT-ITES success story, several other locations have been presented as alternate options for offshore outsourcing. However, feedback received from several MNCs having multi-country operations as well as syndicated analyses comparing the various sourcing locations has revealed that India continues to offer and deliver the best ‘bundle’ of benefits sought from global sourcing.


With significant potential still untapped, it is expected that the global sourcing phenomenon will continue to expand in scope, scale and geographic coverage. As global delivery matures, multi-location strategies will become the norm and most sourcing destinations, including emerging locations, will grow in size. Building on its existing strengths, India will remain the leading destination and will continue to play an important role in most global sourcing strategies.


(a) COST EFFICIENCY : With outsourcing, your existing staff can manage outsourced projects, thereby increasing output and generating more revenue per staff.
Achieve more for less!

(b) TRAINED TECHNICAL STAFF : Outsourcing provides a certain level of scalability to help solve the problem of significant growth thereby allowing you to overcome the hiring gap of trained professionals.
Real-time access to skilled people!

(c) FLEXIBLE MANPOWER UTILISATION : By outsourcing, you can reduce the “nonproductive” time caused by staff sitting on the bench.
Higher value per person!

(d) RISK MINIMIZATION : Outsourcing allows you to maintain your focus on the activities important for emerging as a successful business model.
Focus on core competencies!

(e) PRICING FLEXIBILITY : Outsourcing offers pricing flexibility, enabling price competitiveness and allowing you to be more creative in managing your budget.
No up front investment!


We at Colonel Software India are committed to fulfill our client commitments. We offer outsourcing not just for cost reduction, but as a strategic service and essential element of growth. For your requirements of outsourcing software development services, contact us today!

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