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Sales And Distribution

It is an area where users record and manage sales of products and services to customers or business partners. The sales segment includes customers records and their orders. The distribution side allows companies to establish shipping methods freight billing, delivery packing and delivery tracking.

Some of the features below will be available in the proposed solution :
  • Sales :

    As the name says, this is where actual customer sales orders are handled. It also lets users manage customer's quotations and agreements. For this activity, expect a sales team to be involved that has direct customers interaction.

  • Shipping :

    Covers the needs of delivery picking, packing and delivery method. This sort of activity is typically managed by distribution logistics teams.

  • Billing :

    The financial arm of the Sales and Distribution area, typically managed by a company's accounting team. Unlike accounts payable activity (which arises from procurement activities), this area covers accounts receivable as a result of customer's order and order fulfillment. Sales Support:This includes any query and product support after Sales.
We have Enterprise Software sales process that is defined by extensive evaluations and competition. Enterprise Software sales is unique in that the business needs, as defined by the issues and goals facing the decision makers, are often compounded by technical and embedded business process constraints. The selling organization will typically research the prospective client, through public means and, through meetings with executives, try to identify business issues relevant to their software's capabilities.