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Custom Software Development

Colonel Software, a software development company, provides quality software development services to clients in India and across the globe. Since its inception, Colonel Software has been providing custom software application development, web based solutions, e-commerce services and IT consultancy services to companies across the world.

There are several approaches to software development. We take a combination of the structured (an engineering based approach to developing business solutions) and incremental approach (where the software evolves as it is developed piece- by-piece) towards software development, giving our clients the right mix of robust and flexible application development.

Software Development Process :

Colonel Software through its experience in various domains has developed a working model that is capable of giving the best solution to even the more intricate requirements from the client side. Our various departments coordinate with each other ensuring the successful completion of each and every phase of the software development process.

Essential phases of the software development process include :

Market research
Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution
Critical analyses of the requirement
Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution
Implementation (coding) of the plan
Quality testing of the created solution
Maintenance and fixing errors

Custom Software Development :

More and more companies are moving towards custom software solutions rather than choosing general solutions. Custom software development entails an in-depth knowledge of the customer requirement and develops exact solutions for their specific requirements

Our experience across industry domains is a source of strength, enabling us to effectively leverage our experience to add value to your existing processes and realize greater return on investment (ROI).

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