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Today's fast paced life is difficult to imagine without using mobile phones or any kinds of other mobile/wireless devices. Not only individuals, but more and more enterprises are deploying smartphone solutions or pda applications for immediate access to real time business information. The enterprise-wide use of mobile applications gives employees the opportunity to access information easily from anywhere where there is an access to the internet. This helps increase employee productivity, boosts efficiency and increase internal revenues by unifying communications with the entire enterprise.

Mobile Applications are very widely being used these days for a host of Pocket PC Solutions such as :

Colonel Software has harnessed mobile technologies for diverse platforms like Blackberry, Symbian, iPhone, Windows mobile, and Palm OS. Over the years, Colonel Software has undertaken various projects with innovative mobile solutions aimed at enhancing user experience and greater productivity. Colonel Software excels in providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications over Bluetooth, GPRS, WLAN, GSM, 3G, SMS and MMS, greatly increasing the versatility and market reach of your network.

  • Proven track record of successfully deploying Smart Phone Solutions across various platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows mobile, Symbian and Android Operating Systems.
  • Offer Comprehensive support for Networks through Implementation of scalable.
  • Frameworks that are capable of Incorporating future Technological advances.
  • Development and Implementation of Value-Added Applications across all popular.
  • Platforms for Enhancing user experience.
  • Wide choice of Web Applications or Rich Internet Applications for mobile devices, and Applications that run directly on the Mobile Phones.
  • Successful porting of various Mobile Applications.

Our teams are comprised of high calibre mobile software developers well versed in development standards, best practice methods and all of the most popular cutting edge development platform and technologies mentioned above.


Despite being cost and time effective, outsourcing mobile application development is a relatively new and maturing market with evolving services and delivery methods. It is extremely important for a company to be guided primarily by its business needs and not simply for cost-cutting intentions, when choosing a mobile outsourcing provider.