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Symbian Application Development

Symbian is the leading mobile phone operating system used by Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung among others. It almost has a 50% market share today. Recently acquired by the Nokia Corporation, Symbian is now the biggest Operating System for Smart Phones, competing against other popular SmartPhone OS such as BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Mobile. Thus with your application in Symbian, you can tap on the hugely popular and growing SmartPhones Market. With Colonel Software's proficient development capabilities and robust mobile application background, you can be rest assured that your application is completely built according to your custom requirements.

Colonel Software's Symbian Application Development covers the following areas :

Symbian is committed to open standards and is actively working with emerging standards, such as J2ME, Bluetooth, MMS etc. With Symbian moving towards open standards, the developer community and Colonel Software hope to build more versatile mobile applications to the benefit of the customer.

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